Estate Planning

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Divorce is a complicated and lengthy process, which is full of many pieces of legal documentation and agreements, as well as the countless nuances that come with them. One important piece of information, which comes with this, is your estate planning. Every Georgia resident has a default estate plan, outlined by the state, however, this is non-specific and could be to the detriment of your loved ones. If you’ve never before made an estate plan or you have an outdated one, relevant to your past marriage, the likelihood is that you will need a new one. In hiring one of our attorneys to help you with this process, you will be able to best make use of our wealth of experience and crucial understanding of terminology and methodology.

Understanding Estate Planning

The basic idea of estate planning is that it is an arrangement for your own care, should you be in the position of being incapacitated or under circumstances that do not allow you to make properly informed decisions. You can ensure that you allocate the correct fiduciary roles to people who you trust to take care of your interests. When it comes to the way your finances and assets are shared, and the way your minor children are cared for, your loved ones will be able to carry out your wishes with confidence and without the need for the intervention of a court. After the divorce process, you may have outlined wishes for your spouse, that you now want to change. Doing this process with our attorneys will make sure that you produce detailed and accurate documents, with absolute clarity of your wishes.


Your will is likely one of the first things that spring to mind, when thinking about your estate planning. The document responsible for how your wealth, possessions, and property are split, your will is probably something that you already have written. The chances are however, the spouse of your previous marriage is listed there and you may want to make alterations to this. In addition to your assets, your will also outline guardians of your children, debts, and taxes, as well as trust funds. These are all things which you may have new plans for, following the divorce process.

Health Care 

Health care is a very important part of this process and ensuring that it is properly prepared in advance is a wise plan. An Advance Directive for Health Care is a document that will outline decisions you make for yourself if you were to be incapacitated or faced with decisions concerning such things as life support control and terminal illness. It is paramount documentation, that you should take control of alongside the guidance of a well-trusted attorney.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a piece of documentation that details how your finances, property, and assets are managed in your absence. Choosing one of our trusted agents to act on your behalf will mean that you have an unbiased and honest representation of your wishes and needs, following incapacitation. When handling your Power of Attorney documents, we will be sure to operate with personable intention and proficiency in seeing that your key requests are carried out as they should be.