Collaborative Divorce

Lawyer Discussing Collaborative Divorce

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Collaborative divorce is a method of outlining the agreements and specific details of a divorce, without the need to enter into a court. The two spouses will work to find amicable comprises about important issues, without a judge making the final say on exactitudes. This is arguably a more controlled option and can be helpful in maintaining a positive middle ground for future communication, on certain matters. If you are going through a divorce and you think that a collaborative method could be your best route of progress, it is essential that you are led with the proper guidance. The specialized collaborative divorce attorneys at Divorce Lawyers of Sandy Springs will assist you in reaching a cordial agreement, ensuring a healthy co-operative effort.

Understanding Collaborative Divorce

The collaborative divorce process is a way to bring stability to your situation, by reaching agreements that are beneficial to both spouses. This can significantly reduce conflict and can be much healthier to progress with. The information and terms that you share will be able to be done so voluntarily and will, therefore, be the most favorable that they can be. The need to stand in front of a divorce court is negated and so the process can be more efficient and less costly.

Necessity of Attorney

Attaining every single term to an agreeable level is difficult and the majority of spouses will meet a point where it is best to make use of a mediator. This is where professional collaborative divorce attorneys are of benefit to you. When it comes to solving issues such as child custody and division of property and assets, we will work proficiently and reasonably to best represent your interests, whilst working out fair compromises. And when meeting with your spouse and their attorney, we will play our role in maintaining suitable collaboration. In using us, your chances of finalizing an agreement are far greater and you can ensure the most amicable end to your divorce process.

Stable and Amicable Agreements 

We understand the importance of acting in a fair way and that is why we trust this service with our specialized collaborative divorce attorneys. There is a certain amount of compromise that needs to be made if there is going to be any success in the process. Every divorce brings with it emotion and conflict of interest, and that can sometimes present difficulty in a collaborative divorce. Entrusting us with this will mean that together we can reach an amicable agreement, which will help to maintain stability and a basis for future co-operation and communication, should there be a need for it.


With our guidance in finalizing your collaborative divorce agreement, you will best be able to avoid having to enter into a divorce court. This alone can save you massive costs. For the costs of the process and the divorce attorney that you will need to represent you in court, prices can be excessive. However, by investing in us to lead a collaborative process for you, you can avoid any further outgoings.