Child Support


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With any divorce-related to a family with children, the state of Georgia demands that there must be the payment of child support. This is a calculated sum of money which will be paid towards each child, so to ensure their access to necessary resources and so each parent fulfills their responsibilities. For child support to be properly and honestly produced, it is in your best interest to seek out the support of a professional child support attorney. Divorce Lawyers of Sandy Springs will assist you in truthfully preparing the necessary paperwork, for all working arrangements and we will help you with achieving a fair and representative divide of child support.

Calculation and Payment

To calculate child support, the state of Georgia provides a legal financial calculation sheet called a “Child Support Worksheet”. Both parents will input the exactitudes of their earnings, showing all aspects of income. This can help parties to amicably agree with a fair division of child support and can also be a recommendation in front of a judge. However, a judge may choose to deviate from the specified terms if they feel it appropriate. For this reason, your best chance of securing a term that represents your situation is by working alongside a professional family law attorney.


Deviations are one key part of reaching the agreeable terms of your child support document. Mandatory deviations are the aspects of a child support paper that will naturally alter during the course of their progress and they must be taken into consideration when initially calculating child support. As circumstances change, there are a number of other non-mandatory deviations that could potentially occur. These include things such as the changing of income, travel, and activity expenses, as well as mortgages and insurance amounts. Deviations are a part of the process which could amount to additional dispute so ensure that you approach the situation with our diligent guidance, so achieve fair terms to your situation.


Both parents will be legally inclined to offer their proportion of child support, following the legal closure of the process. In spite of this, there is always the potential that one party will not pay their part and this will, therefore, mean that the other parent has a legal ground to take the case to a judge. When this happens, we will be there to best represent you and give you advice that will allow you to achieve the fair and agreed terms of your child support. You can count on us to give you successful and professional guidance, applying our discriminatory care. 

Honest Guidance

When you need us most, in the way of child support queries, we can promise honest guidance and advice that will look out for your best interests. Our attorneys are experienced and true professionals. The advice that we will provide you with will be realistic and therefore your best route to take, no matter the child support service that you need. We will be the right guidance to achieve fair and reasonable solutions.