Child Custody

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For the modern family that undergoes the divorce process, perhaps the most troubling and complex issue can be child custody. Child custody is the process of deciding how a child or the children of a relationship in question will be managed. Often, this can be the most difficult process to navigate, trying to balance everyone’s best interests and emotions. Divorce Lawyers of Sandy Springs understand the tentative nature needed to appropriately operate with this process. You can trust us to put the best interests of your family first, achieving resolutions and terms which will give your children the best possible environment for their futures.

Legal Custody

In the state of Georgia, legal custody is one major part of the process of deciding child custody. Legal custody is more referent to the choices and decisions taken concerning your children. Within these are usually four key areas of dispute: medical, education, religion, and activates. For any child who still has their future ahead of them, these can be some of the most important choices made, in the way of a healthy development When deciding legal custody, it is important that there is the necessary amount of co-operation between both parents for any important decision. By employing our services, we will supply our provision, in making sure that these terms are fair and most importantly, beneficial to your children.

Primary Custody

Physical custody is a separate affair to legal custody, deciding how time is spent with the child. Primary custody is one type of physical custody, which outlines that the time spent with the child or children is shared to some capacity, however one parent will obtain a majority. This amount can vary depending on each marriage and the involved factors, yet it is only officially required to be more than 50.1% of the total time. Even if both parents can prove that they will offer a good home for the child, the decision is usually made based on many more nuanced factors. When approaching the primary custody process, we will represent you at whatever level needed, arguing the exactitudes of your intentions, interests, and understanding of how to best influence your children’s future and living conditions.

Joint Custody

Speaking of joint custody, we refer to the joint physical custody of the child or children. This is the shared time with the child, aiming to have an equal time period and contact for both parents. For this to be the case, there do need to be a number of factors taken into consideration, including a close distance between homes and school and positive communication between the parents. When proving adequate grounds for this type of divorce, we will help you to achieve amicable agreements and sensible choices for progression.

Sole Custody

Under Georgia family law, the likelihood of sole custody being awarded is low, with the state’s public policy being to ensure that a bond can be maintained with all parents, after a divorce. However, there is still the possibility for it to happen, when serious circumstances require it. There is still room for the non-custodial parent to exert their visitation rights and their right to general involvement, however, it will mean one parent has complete physical custody. When your marriage has undergone more extreme circumstances, ensure you are led by proficient and professional guidance, so to find your child their most healthy possible living conditions.