Undergoing a divorce is a difficult time for anyone going through it and can be a cause for worry and stress, for as long as it lasts. It is important that you are given the correct legal advice when navigating the process. However, it is equally important that those who you look to for advice apply personal care and a tailored service, for your specific requirements. Nowadays, so many law firms treat divorce cases as another statistic, detached from the uniqueness of each family. Divorce Lawyers of Sandy Springs will never be like these companies, being your closest ally when approaching the various aspects of the divorce process.

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We are a professional collective of experienced and widely knowledgeable legal experts, specialized in family divorce law. Our aim is to deliver our clients and their families with a preferential service, caring for their needs and situation. Using diligent legal guidance and advice, we work to find comprehensive solutions, that work for all involved, related to the complex divorce process.

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The services that we provide cover the entire legal process of divorce. Divorce Lawyers of Sandy Springs will be there to guide you through every step of the way, traversing the process with your best interests in mind. For decoding the exactitudes of the paperwork, assisting you in negotiating terms that will benefit you and supporting your family in a difficult time, we promise to be there for you. Our assurance is that with every service that we provide, you will be receiving superior levels of assistance and guidance.

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The divorce process is complex and difficult and can be the subject of both high emotions and conflict of interest. There can be a many number of factors which lead to and influence the divorce and things can subsequently become more complicated. When you decide that your marriage would be better off by ending with a divorce, it is important that are given advice which is fair and honest, so you can approach the process with confidence and clarity. Divorce Lawyers of Sandy Springs will be your best ally for successful and effective navigation of the divorce process.

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Child Custody

One key piece of information which must be decided for divorcing spouses, who share a family together, is child custody. Child custody agreements define how children spend their time with their parents. It will include living arrangements, division of time and how important matters, such as healthcare and education, are decided. Often these processes can be met with bias and emotion and so can encounter difficulty and reluctance. For such influential matters such as this, the chance of you reaching terms that are fair to you are greatly helped by working alongside an experienced attorney.

“My wife and I decided that it would be responsible to outline postnuptial agreements, so we could approach the situation of divorce with confidence, should we ever decide to. The separate guidance given to us both was informative and unbiased, allowing us to decide fair and comprehensive terms, concerning financing and our child’s future. The professionalism of Divorce Lawyers of Sandy Springs was what allowed us to achieve what we did.”

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Child Support

Within part of the concern surrounding children after a divorce is the necessity of child support requirements and payments. The state of Georgia states that spouses are obliged to pay a shared amount of child support, fair to the incomes of both. Using the Child Support Worksheet, the specific amounts will be calculated with the financial data of both parents. To ensure that there is transparency on both sides, to reach a fair representation of the child support amount, Divorce Lawyers of Sandy Springs will work proficiently and critically.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is the documentation that outlines what happens to your interests and assets, following on from circumstances where you are unable to make informed decisions for yourself. Including such key decisions as healthcare choices, power of attorney, and your will, this can be crucial paperwork that represents your requests and needs, after incapacitation. For such an impactful yet delicate process, you should only ever choose your most trustworthy attorney. At Divorce Lawyers of Sandy Springs, we promise to act unwaveringly in your best interests; allowing you to approach life with confidence, even in difficult times.

“When filing for divorce, I was struggling to clearly work out terms in the collaborative process. The specialist collaborative divorce attorney from Divorce Lawyers of Sandy Springs helped me to finalize key terms that were fair to both me and my former spouse. Without them, I am certain we would have had to go to a divorce court. I will forever be grateful for the guidance.”

Eddie M

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Collaborative Divorce

If you feel that when approaching divorce, you and your former spouse have the potential to work co-operatively and find amicable agreements to the many related issues, collaborative divorce may be in your best interests. In this process, both parties will work together to reach fair agreements, concerning the various terms of a divorce. To finalize this, however, can be difficult, as there will be much in the way of conflict of interest. Ensure that you are guided to a successful and fair agreement, at the end of your collaborative divorce, and employ the specialized mediation of our attorneys.

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Prenuptial and
Postnuptial Agreements

As a couple, you may decide that if you do ever reach the point of divorce, you already have terms clearly defined and agreed upon; so to make the transition more manageable. Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements will allow you to do this. Both are methods to outline divorce terms, either during the marriage (postnuptial) or prior to marriage (prenuptial). To make sure that these are completed so as to be effective, enforceable, and legal, allow us to see you through the process.

“After my divorce, I wanted to redefine my estate planning documents. It was important to me that I was represented honestly and fairly, and that was why I chose Divorce Lawyers of Sandy Springs to assist me. They were the true professionals the whole time and gave me valuable advice, that allowed me to make confident decisions that were reasonable.”

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